Ejercicios Present Simple. Affirmative, negative and interrogative.
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Antonio______(work) in a school.

Conjuga el verbo en present simple/presente simple correctamente.

____you_____ (like) pizza?

Completa con la palabra correcta.

She _______ (not/learn) English.

We_____(study) Maths.

You _____(use) a dictionary

Martha never _______ (watch) television.

He always_____(play) football with us.

She ____ up very early.

He ____ Mary every Mondays

John never ____ fresh fish.

He often ____ swimming on Thursdays.

_______ he _______ (want) to eat?

John_______ (study) English at university.

She _______ (not/speak) French.

I _______ (not/do) my homework.

I sometimes__________(go) to work by car.

John_________(work) in a hospital.

She _______ (not/teach) French.

Harry always _______ (watch) television.

Martin and I _______ (not/live) in a big house.

Julia _______ (study) English at university.

_______ he _______ (want) to play?

They always _______ (eat) dinner at 8 o'clock.

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